Specialist Gear Services

CNC Helical Shaping
Gibbs Gears provide a specialist gear service which includes, CNC helical shaping of internal and external gears. Gleason-Phauter P 500 ES is a new generation of gear shaping machine that offers the latest developments in CNC shaping technology including electronic helical guide.

The Gleason Phauter P500ES CNC shaping machine enables Gibbs Gears to offer our customers the advantage of helical shaping without the cost of specialised tooling (guides and rams). When helical gear is required to be generated close to a large boss or hub diameter, the hobbing method cannot be applied. When this situation arises you must shape the helical gear.
Traditionally a special guide and ram would be needed. These tools are expensive and are often made specially to suit the lead of the gear. Using The P500Es CNC electronic guide system, Gibbs Gears customers can minimise the tooling cost and reduce lead times as the tools are not required.