Agility Global

Agility Global – Saietta Electric Motorcycles


Agility Global was founded in 2008 as a zero emissions vehicle design and manufacturing company. With their headquarters in London, and a manufacturing base in the Midlands. Their highly qualified dynamic design & engineering team, had already brought to market the Saietta – a premium high performance urban electric motorcycle, designed & developed to optimise and exploit benefits of electric technology.

Hardened Ground Gears




From what Agility Global had learnt in their testing, they proposed a gearbox prototype study collaborative between Agility Global, Turbo Technics and Gibbs Gears that would give performance gains while using less energy.


Agility Global chose Gibbs Gears due to our reputation of being industry leaders in UK production of high precision hardened and ground gears & machined parts, and after inspecting our facilities further cemented their choice of gear supplier because of our business with benchmark OEMs in both aviation & motor industries, our ‘state of the art’ machine capability, and our software tracking system ensures full traceability on all parts.


Design Brief


The overall project objective to deliver a two speed, semi-automatic working gearbox integrated & validated into a Saietta motorcycle. Gibbs Gears’ brief was to review the two-speed gearbox design that Agility Global had prepared and provide technical feedback on the materials and design for manufacture throughout the process of the project. The optimised drive was made possible by highly compact two-speed arrangement, using high contact ratio gears. Once the final design was agreed Gibbs Gears manufactured all the internal parts for the prototype gearbox, supplying full first article inspection reports (F.A.I.R) for all parts, including a Sectioning Report to validate the depth of heat treatment and relative hardness of the parts.