Gear Cutting Services

Work is undertaken on a complete supply or a CNC gear cutting only basis, to our customer’s specification, drawings or reverse engineered from samples. With over 50 different specialised gear cutting machines, we are able to offer our customers a rapid turnaround to gear cut teeth, using your free issue gear blanks.

Gear Cutting Services

From a simple 1 off spur gear to quantities of complex gears and shafts, Gibbs Gears can provide a complete gear cutting solution at a competitive rate. Our gear machining and CNC gear cutting services include:

  • CNC Gear Hobbing
  • CNC Shaping (Straight & Helical)
  • CNC Worm Milling
  • CNC Worm Wheel Tangential Cutting
  • Gear Rack Cutting
  • Bevel Gear Cutting – Coniflex & Straight
  • Spiral Bevel Machining & Cutting

Typical customers that utilise our rapid gear cutting only service are companies that have their own machine shop but do not have a gear cutting facility.


For a quotation on any gear cutting, machining or manufacturing needs, please contact our sales office today on: 01296-739-020.