Gibbs Gears are really excited to announce the addition of some new cutting edge machinery bringing exciting benefits to our customers

GLEASON P300ES Shaping Machine

The GP300ES offers gear shaping with performance and flexibility – all in a Compact Design. It provides internal and external shaping for cylindrical gears (up to 300m). Features include: Direct driven work table, cam and shaping head / dry and wet cutting capability / Programmable stroke position adjustment / Automatic column inclination (B-axis) / Fast quick change cutter adapter (HSK B 80 type)

KLINGENBERG Höfler VIPER 500 K Grinding Machine

The Höfler VIPER 500 K gear grinding machine is designed to accommodate component diameters of up to 500 mm. Featuring multiple-wheel technology, the machine is perfect for the production of small to medium-sized batches. The grinding technology can be quickly changed by swapping out the grinding wheel, flank and dressing wheel. It can provide productivity gains of up to 25% over comparable model machines. It makes an excellent addition to our gear grinding department.

GLEASON P90 Hobbing Machine

The P90 offers an excellent solution for high speed hobbing with short cycle times, for shafts up to 1200 mm length. It also has an attachment for chamfer rolling. Autoloading functions.

AGIECHARMILLES FORM E 350 Sparking Machine

The E350 can machine many materials from steel to carbide, and open new doors with its wide variety of technologies. Optimal machining strategies are at our fingertips with AC FORM HMI offering clear choices for each application. The E350 offers the ability to easily switch between die sinking and hole-drilling while maintaining performance, accuracy and quality. It also offers reduced cycle time normally spent accessing the work area to drain the tray.


Our new GraphiX etcher comes with ‘Laser Editor’ – the ultimate laser marking software suite that allows us to easily mark, etch, or engrave product identification information such as 2D matrix codes, linear barcodes, postal codes, stacked bar codes, text including any industry standard font formats, alpha-numeric serial numbers, date codes, part numbers, graphics and logos in any production environment.